Master Motive offer an extensive range of products and services. From log book servicing to race spec engine builds. From parking sensors to complete mobile theatre design we cover all bases when it comes to the automotive industry.

Chances are if you need it done to your car, we can provide a solution that meets your requirements and your budget.

Also keeping up to date with the latest in On Board Diagnosis software and hardware, we can troubleshoot and fault find almost every make and model. Including all areas of electronics and control systems, inc Engine management, ABS, Airbags, Body Control, Security, Auto Transmission etc.

  • Log Book Servicing
  • General Servicing
  • All Mechanical Repairs
  • All Electrical Repairs
  • In car entertainment inc DVD and Game consoles, Multiple monitors
  • Reverse cameras and sensors
  • In car integration  and Upgrades
  • Alarm systems and upgrades
  • Brake and Suspension repairs and upgrades
  • Aftermarket Engine Management installation and support
  • EPROM amd EEPROM Programming
  • Data Logging
  • Performance and Upgrades
  • Engine rebuilds and Upgrades
  • Transmission Rebuilds and Upgrades
  • Racing and Track setup
  • Engine Diagnosis and Tuning
  • Engine Management Diagnosis
  • Custom Electrical Work, big or small
  • Full re-wire jobs, bumper to bumper
  • Air Conditioning Decontaminate and Deodorize. CLICK HERE
  • Air Conditioning Re-gas and repairs
  • Pink Slips
  • Service kits
  • Performance parts sales
  • Tyres and Slicks

All our services and work come with a 6 month 10,000km labour warranty and manufacturers parts warranty.

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