At Master Motive we have a fixed price program for your main automotive servicing and minor repairs. For all other types of mechanical, electrical, performance or service work needed, please don't hesitate to contact us for an accurate quote.

Also contact us for competitive quotes on Log Book Servicing. (All services include a reset of electronics, On Board Diagnosis, and Service Light Reset. if applicable)

Minor Service: Replace engine oil and filter, top up all lubricant levels and tyre pressures. make all necessary adjustments - inc brakes, clutch, belts and cables, and full safety inspection.*

FROM $150

Major Service: Minor service plus: Spark plugs,** Air filter, and Fuel filter (In tank type fuel filters will incur an extra charge) electronic tune up.*

FROM $285

Engine and Upper Cylinder de - carbonize.

FROM $90

Engine fault diagnosis

FROM $90

Engine Management and Electronics Diagnosis

FROM $90

Disc brake pad replacement. Only genuine, Bendix or equal quality brake pads used.

FROM $140

Disc brake machining. Price is per disc and includes removal and re-fitment of disc rotor. Discs are machined off car.

FROM $35

Automatic Transmission Service

FROM $140

Air conditioning systemde-contaminate, dis-infect and de-odourise ***

FROM $55

Air Conditioning Re Gas

FROM $125

* These prices are based on most Australian and Japanese petrol vehicles, European, American 4wd and Commercial vehicles may incur an extra charge (ring for quote). Master Motive only uses genuine or equivalent quality filters, and high quality oils recommended by Valvoline. Includes up to 5L of oil, any extra oil will be charged.

** Spark plugs are replaced with standard NGK type. - Special,Platinum, Iridium, Twin Tip, Tri Tip, Quad Tip or racing plugs will incur an extra charge

***If vehicle fitted with pollen filter, this will also be changed at extra cost.

All services come with a written report and are covered (as is all work) by our 6 month 10,000 km limited warranty.

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